Movie Mashup

Below is my movie mashup of the film 28 Days Later! I had a good time creating this and I’m proud of myself for figuring out a way to get DS106 incorporated into the video! I found it difficult at first but feel proud of…

College Snapshot

Here is a video of some of my high school and college memories. I really enjoyed making this and taking a stroll down memory lane! I suggest others to give this assignment a go in the future!

A Silent Documentary: Braiding Hair

The silent documentary below is of me braiding my hair. I found it hard to teach people how to proud without being able to explain the process. I tried to incorporate hand gestures to let my audience know to section the hair into three sections….

Today Is All About Me Assignment

This video was refreshing to make because I was able to talk about what I like about myself, and remind myself that I am a good person! It also allowed me to get more comfortable with working with video and recording myself! Watch below!  

This Is My Story Assignment

This is a little about me. I have seen people make videos like this before and thought I should give it a quick try and I am happy I did. I love telling people about my family! Click below and you’ll learn a few things…

Spoiler Alert Assignment!

CAUTION! DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE MOVIE, MOANA. I decided to create a compilation of the most important scenes of one of the best kid movies…MOANA! I just had to use Moana as the movie because not only is…