Assignment: Apocalypse Starter Kit and Reading Reflection

End Day was an interesting film to say the least. I thought all five versions of the apocalypse were frightening because a lot of damage could result from each one. However, the idea of a black hole opening up and engulfing everything and anything in its vicinity scares me more than anything. A black hole is capable of completely wiping out all life on Earth. I also thought the virus outbreak was a scary situation because it could spread easily from person to person. The other scenarios (meteor, tsunami, volcano eruption) were more contained and less capable of causing the end of the world. If I had to attempt to survive any of these events, I would make sure to stock up on as much food and water as possible, take shelter somewhere with a stable foundation, and hope for the best. I don’t think I would be very prepared because I have never put much thought into how I would survive an apocalyptic event.

The Apocalyptic SF article taught me that there are far more versions of the apocalypse then I thought. I always was under the impression that the apocalypse was zombie or alien themed. I never really thought the apocalypse could occur due to extreme weather, robots, nuclear war, etc. However, after reading a bit about these genres, they totally make sense! Oh, and I also never knew there are so many novels and films about the apocalypse! I need to start reading some of the books mentioned in the Apocalyptic SF article, as well as watching some of the films mentioned.

I read an excerpt from the novel, “Wool” by Hugh Howey, I really enjoyed the excerpt and think I am going to continue reading the novel. So far, I have learned that Holston, the main character, wants to venture outside the walls of the silo that he has lived in his entire life. No one goes outside of the silo, because those who do are said to meet their fate. However, Holston is anxious to step outside. I think this is because he wants to discover the reasons why everyone is confined to the silo, and why the outside world is so dangerous. This is why the novel is so intriguing to me…I want to find the same answers Holston is looking for. The storyline tugs at my own curiosity and makes me want to keep reading. The more I read the more puzzle pieces I come across, and my goal is to complete the puzzle and solve the mystery of the unknown. This is definitely going to be the novel I choose to read for the rest of the semester. I can’t wait to find out what exactly is so threatening outside the wall of the silo. Is it some sort of poisonous gas? A virus? My curiosity is killing me! I also really want to know if Holston’s wife, who traveled outside and never came back, is still alive? In the first couple of chapter, Holston speaks of her as if she is dead, but maybe when he travels outside he finds her alive somewhere? I have so many questions and the only way to get the answers I’m looking for is to keep reading, so that is exactly what I am going to do!


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