And Another Week Bites The Dust!

This week did not disappoint. I was so excited to find out that we were going to start storytelling. However, I was surprised that I had difficulty completing the “Tell it/Tweet it” assignment. I was constantly getting stuck…a serious case of writers block took place! But I ended up being happy with the finished project and can’t wait to keep practicing my storytelling skills with future assignments. The first daily create I completed, where I had to condense a short story into a single tweet, was similar to the “Tell it/Tweet it” assignment, so the added practice was helpful. The second daily create I chose to do involved me having to create a picture of a weird dream I have had. I took to photoshop for this assignment! When creating this dream depiction of mine, I learned how to make the background of images transparent. I felt successful after figuring that out and plan to apply this newly found skill in my future photoshop endeavors. The “Apocalyptic SF” article was an informational read. I never realized how many versions of the apocalypse have been written/filmed. When choosing an excerpt from a apoc/post-apoc novel, I chose to read, “Wool” by Hugh Howey. I love it so far because the storyline immediately pulled me in, so I plan to continue reading this novel throughout the semester. As far as the videos go, I was not too impressed by either of them. Yeah, the short Youtube clip about shaping stories was funny, but that’s really all it was. I liked the idea behind “End Day,” but was disappointed when I actually finished watching. I found it mediocre and boring for the most part. However, despite my slight disliking towards the videos I watched this week, I had an amazing time completing the assignments and once again can’t wait for what’s in store next week!

Now, on to the question of the week. Would I rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone I love turned into a zombie? Well, I think I definitely would rather be turned into a zombie. If everyone I love was turned and I was left human, then I feel like I would just be too upset to fight through the apocalypse. I would have nothing left to fight for, because even if I did survive I would not be able to share in the victory with my loved ones. Also, what if my zombie loved ones were to try to come after me? I wouldn’t want to be put in that situation. Who would ever want to fight of a family or friend of theirs who has turned into a hungry zombie!? No thanks…I’ll pass!


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