Apocalypse Bootcamp: A True Test of Survival

I have officially made it through bootcamp, and I can’t believe it, but bootcamp was fun! Although, the assignments were just basic tasks like setting up my social media sites, they got me excited for what this class has in store. I can’t wait to get creative with the apocalypse theme! This week was the start of something amazing! After setting up my social media accounts for this class (Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, Slack, and this very blog) I introduced myself to my classmates and Professor Burtis via Slack, Twitter, and Instagram. I also had the pleasure of placing helpful items into our class bunker where we will be taking coverage during the Apocalypse. And last, but certainly not least, I created a daily create! This was by far my favorite part of this week. I had such a fun time recording a video discussing what items I would have in my purse if the apocalypse were to hit us tomorrow. Let’s put it this way…I am in no way prepared for the end of the world. In fact, I am not even close!!! I seriously need to repack my bag, because I think the only useful item I had was chapstick (can’t be having any dried lips during the end of the world). Unfortunately, week one is over, but that just means week two is about to begin and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

As far as my personal relationship with apocalypse and post apocalypse fiction goes, I would say I am well enough aquatic with the it. I have watched zombie movies, alien invasion movies, movies where severe weather threatens humanity, etc. I really enjoyed the film, The Day After Tomorrow. I think this film resonated with me because the world was threatened by mother nature, a much more probable threat than a zombie or alien takeover. However, I don’t really have a specific genre of the apocalypse that I am the most interested in. I think all genres of the apocalypse are interesting in different ways. I do think it would be fascinating to see more stories about a virus that infects all of the animals in the world, and then humans are forced to defend themselves against these infected animals. This is similar to a zombie apocalypse, but instead of humans becoming infected, animals are.  I just think the whole human zombies thing is becoming played out at this point (hello we have eight seasons of the Walking Dead) and perhaps the animal spin would make things a little less repetitive.

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