Adios Week Four!

This week was so much fun! I am not a photographer by any means, but this week I kind of felt like one. The Photoblitz Challenge really pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I was so happy with the photos I took. Sure, they may not be professional but I am proud of them! If it weren’t for the photo tips page I may not have been so happy them, but thankfully the tips really helped me out during the challenge! The daily creates I chose to complete this week were cool. I had fun with them, as always! I love that even if it’s for only five minutes, I can get creative and do something stress free and fun! Another stress free task I completed this week was watching the film, The Road. Overall, I enjoyed the film and had a fun time creating a GIF from one of the scenes. I also watched the short film, La Jetée . I was a little bit lost when watching it because I wasn’t really grasping the plot. However, The photography was amazing and I was very intrigued by it. I was much more alert while watching this film because I wanted to take the time to analyze each and every photo. To wrap up the week, I completed some visual assignments. I chose to discuss one of my favorite photos, one of the first photos I ever took of my little girl, and the before and after the end assignment which was fun! After all was said and done, I was pleased with the week and thought it was challenging at times but more importantly, very very rewarding!

As far as the question of the week goes…I definitely think a GIF can be considered a story. I am just going to pull a few GIFS from to demonstrate.


The above GIF is obviously of a man celebrating. This tells a short story of a man who is happy and to express his happiness he is dancing in front of a large crowd, not caring whether he is embarrassing himself or not. I have no clue where this GIF originates from, so I have no clue why the man is celebrating, but the GIF still shows that he is celebrating what seems to be a either a sports team winning a game or perhaps scoring. That alone is a story within a larger story.


Now above, is a GIF that we really have no clue what its context is like the previous GIF. We have no clue where this woman is, why she is making this face, etc. However, a story can still be told with this GIF. This is possible because those who post this GIF can create a story to go along with it. For example, perhaps someone is stressed out about school and then finds out that they have a fifteen page paper due in three days…they may post this GIF and use it to tell their story!

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  1. Samara Wong · February 13, 2018

    It’s interesting to see how everyone’s definition of a story differs! It definitely seems to have an impact on whether or not they believe a gif can be a story (I think not).