Alex Whitmore’s Resume

I decided to created a resume. I had so much fun doing this! My character’s name is Alex Whitmore and she is a teacher. I chose her profession based off my own interest in becoming a teacher. I also think that a teacher will bring a lot to the table during the apocalypse. Alex is smart, kind, and easy going. She is a great problem solver and has amazing communication skills. Who wouldn’t want her on their team!?

Also, besides the qualities listed on her resume, Alex is a badass. She isn’t afraid to take action and be a leader when a situation calls for one. She is brave and courageous and is always looking out for others. Whether it be zombies, aliens, etc…she is ready for whatever is coming her way!


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  1. Neo-Rev · February 16, 2018

    During her time as an elementary school teacher did Alex specialize in any particular discipline? Or lead any interesting projects? I’m hoping when the end comes she will help teach us things that will improve our survival.

  2. jetjenk43 · February 16, 2018

    I really like your character, one that would be a natural leader. The survivors will definitely need a plan to survive long term and seems like Alex is up for it with her Badass ways.

  3. crystalnmoh1 · February 16, 2018

    I like Alex Whitmore, I think I would love to have her as buddy during “The End”, but what kind of teacher is she? Is She a History, English, Science teacher or ect

    • admin · February 16, 2018

      Thanks! She is a science teacher!