Call Me, Beep Me

I chose to complete the assignment, “Call Me, Beep Me.” After reading the assignment description I was intrigued and knew I had to give it a shot. I chose to record a 911 call. In the call I am calling as Susan from, “Tupac Shaker and the End of the World.” I simply recorded the call on Audacity. I am just getting the hang of using Audacity, but think I did a pretty good job for being a beginner. I added faint noise in the background. I tried to find background sound that resembled the crackling of fire, since in the call I tell the operator that there was just an explosion. After recording and editing the audio clip on Audacity, I uploaded it to Soundcloud, published it, and then embedded it above. I got the idea to change the pitch of the operator from a previous poster…thanks for the idea Jillian! I am proud of the final product, but definately hope I get better at navigating Audacity and editing audio! 


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