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La Jetée was interesting. I figured I wasn’t going to really enjoy it after reading that it was made up of only images, but I did. I thought the use of the black and white images made the film eerie, in a good way (if that’s even a thing lol). At the end of the film, I decided that I do enjoy movies that are composed of video more, rather than just pictures. However, the use of the pictures in La Jetée kind of forced me to pay attention more than I think I would have if I were watching a traditional film made up of only video. I found myself examining each picture very closely, trying not to miss any details. The way some photos were zoomed in immediately drew my attention to where the image was being zoomed in on. I do wish the voice over was in English, because I was a little lost when it came to the storyline, but either way I was still intrigued by the idea of strictly images making up an entire film and defiantly felt the apocalypse vibe when watching!

Overall, The Road was a good film. It’s funny because prior to watching it I read Samara’s blog post. She mentioned how Netlfix said she watched it before, but she didn’t remember it. Netflix never told me I watched it before, but I do remember certain scenes from the film, which means I have watched it in the past. However, there were only a few scenes that I faintly remembered (when the father and son found the bunker full of food) and a ton I didn’t recall (when the father and son come across the cannibals). I do wish the film had more action. I found myself bored during some parts. However, even with the lack of action, I still liked the film in its entirety. I thought it was cool how there was a lot of color during the father’s flashbacks of his wife, and then no color at all when he came back to reality. This really showed how the world was meek and gray, and not the once colorful and happy place it used to be.


Above, is a gif I created from a scene at the end of the film, The Road. I chose to use this clip for my gif because it was an important clip within the film. This little boy was saying goodbye to his dad, the man who kept him alive throughout the apocalypse. If it weren’t for his dad, who knows where he would have ended up. This scene really provoked emotion from within me, and I think this GIF captures the scene very well. Even just watching the GIF, you can see the emotion on the little boy’s face as he pulls the sheet over his dad’s face, and says his final goodbye.

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  1. Samara Wong · February 11, 2018

    I considered using the same scene for my gif! There were so many amazing events that I thought represented the movie. I had a list of seven or eight that I spent forever contemplating. La Jetée in English would be nice as well!