It’s Almost A Wrap People!

Apocalyptic Airwave had their first meeting this past Saturday! Unfortunately, the HCC was locked but we relocated to a nearby coffee shop! Samara, Josh, and I discussed the script and each added more to it. It was interesting meeting with people I have only communicated with via the computer. However, I enjoyed the face to face communication and felt like the meeting was very beneficial to the success of our radio show. Yesterday, I recorded a letter I wrote for the show. I am so proud of the final product and think it was a good addition to our radio show. Today, I will be recording all the narrations and a commercial for our show. We as a group decided to add radio commercials so that our show has that much more of a radio show feel! Later this week we will be moving on to the final process of creating this show…editing! I can’t wait to see the final product and hope everyone enjoys listening! Stay tuned!

Retro style microphone



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