It’s Dinner Time…Zombie Style!

She opened her eyes to complete darkness and the muffled sound of a radio playing. She was in the trunk of a car, but she didn’t remember how she got there. Her name was Aubrey. She was a twenty one year old college student who waitressed at a small town diner on the weekends. Who was driving the car? Where was she being taken? These were the questions running through her mind as she frantically searched for a way out…an escape.

Suddenly, the car slowed. She could hear the sound of gravel underneath the wheels. The car came to a stop and a door opened and closed, then footsteps. Moonlight poured into the trunk as it opened, a man towered over her.

“Get out,” he said. Aubrey obliged. She was shaking and her heart was racing. “Are you going to hurt me?” She asked the man. “No, I’m going to help you.” he responded. She was confused. The man noticed Aubrey’s puzzled expression. “I saw you being chased by those things. Something inside me told me I needed to stop and help you. You passed out after watching me kill them, I’m assuming you don’t remember due to shock. I put you in the trunk of my car in case you woke up while I was driving and freaked out and tried attacking me…I’m sorry if I scared you.” Aubrey sat starring at the man. She could not believe what he had just told her. After a few long seconds, she asked the one question that was on her mind. “What was I being chased by?” The man hesitated before answering, “Zombies.”

It took some time for Aubrey to process what the man had told her. The two of them were now inside a wooden cabin that the man, whose name she learned was Tim, said was owned by his grandparents. They were about two hours North of Connecticut, where Aubrey attended college. Tim was now explaining to Aubrey that they needed to stack up and supplies in case they needed to defend themselves.

“Zombies? I only thought those were made up for the movies” said Aubrey. “Me too” replied Tim, “but apparently not. I caught my first glimpse of one today, a few hours before I came across you. It was gnawing away on some dead animal in my backyard. I couldn’t believe my eyes.” “Where did they come from,” Aubrey asked. Before Tim could answer a moaning sound shot through the house. Aubrey’s face turned a pale white. “Is that coming from inside the cabin?” She asked. “We have to get out of here!” Shouted Tim…and the two of them quickly headed for the front door.

Tim and Aubrey ran for what seemed like miles. They could hear multiple zombies moaning from every direction. Then all of a sudden they were forced to stop running. They had reached the edge of a cliff. Turning back, they were faced with a horrifying scene. Dozens of zombies surrounded them. Within a matter of minutes Tim and Aubrey had been turned and were zombies themselves…and boy were they hungry…

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