Ketchup Week!!!

What a fun few weeks. I had a great time working with radio! My group did a great job at meeting up and getting our radio show completed. When I heard the show I was so happy with how it turned out! I also got to catch the radio show that aired tonight. What a great story line. I loved that it took place in the future and how it was set up like a real life talk show/radio show! Eric did a great job as the host! I also got to listen to some radio shows that some of my peers embedded in their weekly posts. I found those radio shows great as well. Overall, I think the entire DS106 class did a great job with radio. I wish I was able to tune in live for every single show, but unfortunately tonight was the only time I was able to, other than when I listened to my groups show on Wednesday! But yeah this week has been a breeze and a great way to catch up on my other work. I was happy that we were asked to go back and remix/revise an old assignment of ours. I chose to redo my character, Alex Whitmore’s logo. I thought her name should be placed over a colored background, rather than just on its own, and I also added her occupation (elementary teacher). So yeah this week I really don’t have much to say but that’s not a bad thing at all! I am sure next week will be a different story and I’ll have plenty to say when it comes to video! Stay tuned…

Oh yeah that’s right the question of the week! Hmmm one thing I couldn’t live without during the apocalypse (aside from my loved ones and pets) would have to be hand lotion. I would have to break into a store and grab some off the shelf or something, because my hands get so dry if I don’t regularly lotion them. I would hate to have dry, cracked hands that hurt while trying to survive the apocalypse!


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