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I found the photography tips page very helpful. Prior to this class, I have not done much photography at all. I would consider myself an amateur , so having the tips page ended up being beneficial to me when I did the photo blitz challenge. I found the tip on perspective interesting. I always take photos standing up, but now I plan to take some while laying down, standing on something and looking down, etc. I also thought the tip about paying attention to the moment was interesting as well. I have always taken photos of things that are still and already there. I never really thought about what could happen within the next few moments and anticipated getting it on camera. That is definitely something I will start doing though!

Abandoned America was amazing to look through! I loved all the photography! I decided to browse the photos of the Sydenham Hospital for Communicable Diseases. The building is now condemned so I thought looking at photos of a building that is no longer standing would be interesting. The photos were so raw and I think that’s what made them so intriguing to look at. The way the photographer captured the graffiti on the walls and the random fire hydrant standing up in the middle of the hallway made for great pictures. Also, the lighting made for great photos and made the images feel even more intriguing. I loved the contrast that each photo had and the way each photo was framed too. I liked that the photos weren’t of beautiful scenery, but a run down building. Each image made me feel different emotions and provoked me to think about the story behind the image. This is why I am so happy that I chose this gallery!

Wow was the photoblitz challenge a real challenge! Below are the photos I took during this challenge. Enjoy!


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  1. My favorite smell is the lavender oil that I put in my diffuser at night.
  2. This photo is of my mom, little brother, and daughter. They each are a very different height. If they were in the right position they would literally be raising the bar haha!
  3. This is my boyfriend’s hand. His pointer finger was sliced open and has some built up scar tissue due to the accident.
  4. I decided to get nice and low down to Bolt’s level…if you haven’t guessed it yet, Bolt is my dog. My little brother names him after the super dog, Bolt!
  5. This picture is my leggings that are a great example of a repeated geometric design.
  6. My comforter is the definition of an interesting design…I love it!
  7. I decided to take a photo of running water…I think it’s so cool how a photo can just freeze the stream of water!


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