Radio Dispatch

I spent a good amount of time exploring Frequency 2156. My opinion on the site is that it’s freaking amazing. I was instantly intrigued by all the radio dispatches and spent time listening to some. The entire site as a whole is a digital story made up of smaller digital stories. There was no one dispatch that was the same as another, however, the apocalyptic theme of the site was maintained within each dispatch. The chose of audio as the medium of this site was a good idea in my opinion. The audio drew me in and kept my attention. I really enjoyed listening to each dispatch and comparing the different voices and sounds I heard. I felt like I truly was listening to a real life dispatch and that was so cool! If the stories where told using only text, rather than audio, I don’t think the stories told would have resonated with me as well as they did. I would not change a thing about Frequency 2156. I think the site operates phenomenally, and the crowd-sourced audio works so well when telling a apocalyptic story. My favorite thing about the site is that  users can contribute their own digital stories. It made me feel apart of the story and not just a listener.

Here is the link to my radio dispatch. I created this dispatch by recording an audio recording on Quicktime Player and then transferring the recording onto the Frequency 2156 website. I then played around with the different sound effects until I felt happy with the final product. In my dispatch, I am stranded in what seems to be a furniture warehouse…exact location is unknown. My friend Derek is gone and I’m now left to try to survive on my own. I’m stuck in this building because I am too afraid to venture back outside. I’m so hungry and have minimal strength…I need someone to please SEND HELP!!!


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  1. Samara Wong · February 18, 2018

    I agree that the emotion in a person’s voice really adds to the apocalyptic story they are telling!

    • admin · February 18, 2018

      Thank you!!

  2. Katie Hartraft · February 18, 2018

    Your dispatch is really well done, your voice acting is particularly convincing! RIP Derek

    • admin · February 18, 2018

      Thanks so much!