Video Clips & Resources!

So, this week is all about audio and let me tell you…I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT AUDIO. I have recorded an audio clip on my MacBook all of one time. However, with that being said, I am so excited to learn about audio! To start, I watched the two short videos of Had Abumrad and then looked over the audio resources page.

I thought Abumrad’s videos were interesting. I loved his idea of “co-imagining.” I never really though about the radio as a shared experience between the speaker and the listener, but now I definitely do after hearing Abumrad’s perspective. The second video didn’t resonate with me quite as much, but I’m hoping I’ll gain a better understanding of Abumrad’s ideas within the video after listening and creating audio this week.

The audio resources page was so informative. When I first went over the assignments that are due this week I was overwhelmed, but after going over the resources page I realized that there are platforms that are very helpful when creating audio. These platforms are Soundcloud and Audacity. I know a little about Soundcloud but nothing about Audacity, so I am looking forward to exploring that platform. The resources page also informed me that there is a VocalBooth in the HCC and audio equipment I can check out…did not know this, but that’s so cool! And since I don’t know how to record in the VocalBooth I can always go to the Digital Knowledge Center to learn how. The audio techniques section on the resources page is going to come in handy when I start recording, as well as the links for sounds and all the additional resources such as the Audacity manual and tutorials! I can’t wait to dive into this week…so with that being said…HERE GOES NOTHING!


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