Resources, Video Essay & More…OH MY!!!

Let me start this post by letting you all know that I was so happy when I saw there was a resources page for this week. I know little to nothing about video so I was definitely nervous going into this week. However, I feel more confident working with video and hope to become even more confident next week when working with video some more! The ___ was an interesting read. I took a cinematography class a couple years back and I remember analyzing film in the way Ebert described.

The short films I watched also touched on some of the concepts I learned when I took that cinematography class. However, I definitely needed refresh my memory and the short films really helped me to achieve that. The resources page and the short films all helped me tremendously once going on to analyze the longer film I watched.

I chose to watch 10 Cloverfield lane. I decided to watch this film because I have heard mixed reviews on it. Some say they hated the film, while others say they loved it. I decided to give it a try and decide for myself. After watching it, I determined that I really loved it. I thought they storyline was different and interesting. The movie kept my attention the entire way through and that is not just because of the story line but the editing choices as well. Also, I found that the film was very relatable to the novel I read for this class. I read The Wool by Hugh Howey. In the novel people live in a silo because they are told the air outside is toxic and they must not leave or else they will die. In the movie, Howard tells Michelle that the air outside is toxic and if she goes outside she will die. I think being able to connect the novel I read with the movie helped me to connect with movie that much more.

Below is my video essay discussing the different editing techniques present within 10 Cloverfield Lane. The only thing I found difficult about this assignment was finding the clips I truly wanted to discuss. One being when Howard shows Michelle the common room area and the camera pans the entire room. I thought that scene was very well done. But anyways, below is a couple more scenes I found interesting with nice editing techniques!


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  1. fishstory · April 3, 2018

    Really great work Taylor! I will definitely use this one as an example for students new to creating these video essays!!