See Ya Later Week Three!

Today marks the end of week three in digital storytelling. I thought this week was the best yet! I really enjoyed reading the short stories I chose and getting creative with my own writing. I had the most fun with writing the alternative ending for one of the short stories. I thought my ending was pretty creative and worth the read! I thought writing an entire new ending would be difficult at first, but found it easy because it came naturally to me. I also really enjoyed writing a letter to my mom for one of my blog posts. This wasn’t required, but I thought it was an interesting assignment and loved writing the post because my mom is my best friend! I am sad to hear that writing is coming to and end, but I’m definitely looking forward to photography next week! Let the photo war begin!

I thought a lot of people had great work this week when looking over various blogs. One blog post that resonated with me was Emily Sanborn’s letter to her mother. It really touched me because I am so close to my mom. Her post is what inspired me to write an open letter to my mom!

Another blog post that I enjoyed was Joshua Jenkin’s alternate ending for the short story, “Tupac Shaker and the End of the World.” I loved the satire involved in his ending, and that is what inspired me to use satire when creating my alternate ending!

As far as the question of the week, In the event of an apocalypse I think I would hoard supplies for myself and my loved ones. The more supplies you have the better chance of survival. I would feel bad not being able to provide strangers with supplies, but I would feel worst not being able to help out my loved once because of a lack of supplies!


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