The Turtle And The Rat Rob A Bank

Bill the turtle was on a mission to rob a bank. However, if he was going to successfully pull of the heist, he would need some help. Bill decided to enlist the help of a rat named Ben. Ben was the perfect partner because he had access to a pistol. The owner of the house he was squatting at had one, and he was able to successfully steal it. Bill decided that they were going to rob the bank on a Thursday night, Ben thought that they should rob it on a Monday afternoon but Bill had the authority, so Thursday night was when everything would go down. Thursday night came and it was time to set the plan in motion. Bill had Ben tape a hacksaw to his shell, and the two of them got inside and to the back of the bank unseen. Once they reached the safe they realized the hacksaw wasn’t going to help them open it. The safe wasn’t secured with an old-fashioned lock kids in school use to lock their lockers, but a code that had to be entered on a electronic keypad. Bill tried to type in the correct code, but nothing worked. After the third try an alarm began to sound. Ben and Bill looked at each other, their hearts racing. “RUN!” said Ben, and he took off running. Bill, however, was not as fast as Ben and was caught by the police..turns out the turtle doesn’t always win the race! 


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