The Wolves Face The Apocalypse

Being a wolf has never been too hard. We are the predator, while most other animals are the prey. However, life changed for us in a bad way when the apocalypse hit. It was just before dark on January 20th, when a large meteor hit the Earth’s surface at a devastatingly fast rate. The explosion that resulted from the meteor’s impact has left our habitat in ruins.

Trees are no longer standing, leaving our once shaded shelter destroyed. We no longer have the long list of food options that we once did. A large variety of our prey has been wiped out, leaving us hungry and weak.

Last night, I went for a walk with another member of my pack in hopes to find some food and water. The only water we found was that from a small puddle. As far as food, we found a small rabbit. This did not fill us up whatsoever, and we longed for deer meat. However, I haven’t seen a deer since the blast and every day I continue not to come across one, is another day I fear that they no longer exist.

I have no idea how my pack and I are going to survive this. Our leader is trying to come up with ways to keep us all fed and hydrated but it’s just not possible. I overheard a couple of members last night discussing the option of killing a few of the weaker members of our pack and eating them. After hearing the conversation, I felt disgusted. I could never resort to cannibalism. I rather die then stoop that low.

Hopefully, other options of survival will surface before things get too out of hand within our pack. We are going to start moving from state to state. Right now we are in Colorado and plan to head East. I don’t know what we are looking for, but I do know if we stay where we are we will end up killing each other.

I never thought I would see the day were wolves must struggle to survive. We went from high up on the food chain to not on it at all. The food chain no longer exists, and without it our pack is crumbling. Soon it will be every wolf for themselves.



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