Video Is Soon To Be Continued….

This week was definitely the most challenging for me. I don’t usually record video unless it’s a quick video on my iPhone that I just leave on my iPhone lol. I don’t usually create videos to share like I had to this week. I decided to take path one and complete 8 stars worth of video assignments because I don’t have too much time to meet up with group members. I was happy with the path I chose and completed some pretty cool work! The one assignment I ran into trouble with was creating a video full of clips that spoil a movie. I chose Moana because I have watched it so many times with my little girl and I know exactly what clips are big spoilers! However, I quickly found out I had no clue how to download Youtube videos onto my mac and then import them into iMovie. I did figure out though and felt accomplished…thank goodness for Internet tutorials! Another big assignment I completed this week was watching 10 Cloverfield Lane and then creating a video showing different editing techniques from the film. The movie was interesting and I was happy to watch it because I’ve been wanting to for a while. It was particularly interesting to watch the movie through a different set of lenses (I was focused on the editing techniques used in the movie). Overall, another great week…definitely challenging, but so so worth it!

As for the question of the week…my question for the class would be the following: What areas of this class have you enjoyed the most so far!? I have enjoyed design the most…but video too! Your turn to tell me!


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