Call Me/Beep Me…Wool Edition

I decided to give the Call Me/Beep me assignment another go…this time posing as a character from the novel Wool by Hugh Howey. The character I am pretending to be is Holston. Holston is leaving his wife, Allison, a voicemail. Now there aren’t cell phones in the novel but I am pretending there is. If there were phones in the novel I am sure Holston would be trying to get in touch with Allison, who ventured outside of the silo they live in to a world that is said to be contaminated by poison in the air. After she ventured out Holston was not able to communicate with her because he initially chose not to venture out himself. He is left wondering if she is dead or alive and if he will ever lay eyes on her again.

To complete this assignment I recorded the dialogue on Audacity and then altered the pitch to resemble a man’s voice. I then added in some sound effects such as a voicemail answering machine and a hang up tone. I then uploaded the file to Soundcloud and embedded it below. I am happy with the final product and had a blast creating this audio clip!


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