Cheers to Week Six!

This week was yet another fun week full of learning and excitement! I learned some helpful tips about design while watching to two assigned Ted Talks and completing some tutorials on Canva. The DesignBlitz was challenging for me because I had a hard time finding certain objects and signs that illustrate certain design elements. However, I got it done and ended up feeling satisfied with what I captured through photos. The best part of this week was the design assignment (creating my character, creating an alternate book cover, creating my character’s logo, the three daily creates). I found every assignment super interesting and fun. I have to say that I think design week has been one of my favorite weeks yet. I can’t wait to use the skills I have learned this week and apply them in the future. Cheers to week six!


Now it is time to address the question of the week. I have been apart of many groups, but I think the most successful group I have been apart of is my family. We are a group of people, who all are different, yet we work very well together. I think that we work so well together because we genuinely care about each other. We each want to see one another happy, successful, and standing tall. Sure, my family members can get on my nerves at times but at the end of the day I love each and every one of them! I understand each and everyone of them too. I know my brother’s personality and how to adapt to it as well as my sisters. I know how what makes my mom happy as well as what makes my dad happy. I think that because I know each one of my family members so well that I am able to get along with them and we all work so well together as a group of people living life together.


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