Farewell To DS106…THE END HAS COME

I can’t believe I am even typing my final post for DS106, The End. Usually, at the end of the semester I am happy to be done with class. However, this specific class is one I sure am sad to say goodbye to. I had so much fun working on every project I completed. There was not one week of material I dreaded completing! Martha has been such a help to me and I am sure the rest of my classmates! I can not thank her enough for challenging my creativity every week. I want to also thank my classmates for sticking through this journey with me. I was happy to work with a few of you, but defiantly wished I had the opportunity to get to know each and every one of you!

The final 7 daily creates were fun…as usual. What more can I really say about them? Daily creates were a great way for me to de-stress this semester, because they were an excuse to get away for five minutes and use my imagination!

My final project turned out to be one of my most successful projects in this class yet. I was so proud of myself after completing this thing…you have no idea!!! It may not be long, time wise, but it sure is work I am proud of! I used four types of media: writing, video, audio, and design. In the below video I am speaking in front of a camera (video aspect), the entire script was done by yours truly (writing aspect), I had some fun with audacity and created a police interview between a man and a woman (audio aspect), and I designed this really cool poster about an escaped person (design aspect)! Please check it out…you can’t miss the tea I am spilling!


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