Round Two Of Frequency 2156!

The last assignment I completed this week was recording another radio dispatch on Frequency 2156, this time posing as a character from Wool by Hugh Howey! To complete this assinment I recorded the dispatch on Audacity, played with pitch, and then uploaded it to the website Frequency 2156.

I chose to pose as Juliette. She ends up becoming high in authority within my novel, but that’s all I want to say…read the book to find out more…trust me you won’t regret it! But anyways in my radio dispatch Juliette is trying to reach anyone. As far as she knows no one is alive beyond the walls of the Silo she has lived in her entire life, so if anyone answers her dispatch would be surprising. Here is her dispatch. The title of my dispatch is SILO GIRL SEEKING HELP!!!…do you think anyone is alive outside of the silo???

Image result for the wool hugh howey




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