The Start Of An Epic Radio Show!

This week I was welcomed into a group of apocalypse survivors. We will be creating an amazing radio show about our experiences during the apocalypse and I could not be any more excited! My group members have amazing ideas to contribute for the radio show and I am looking forward to contributing some of my own ideas. We will be meeting up within the next couple of days and I believe that is when things will really start picking up. So far we have decided on the name of our radio show and it is…Apocalyptic Airwave (thanks Samara for the amazing name)! Our radio show will be discussing the many ways we survived a natural apocalypse that left us with no technology whatsoever! Samara and Joshua each created a radio bumper and I am hoping to create one as well! Can’t wait to hear our show once it is complete! Stay tuned! 

Below is a logo/poster that I created for our radio show this week!

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  1. Samara Wong · March 7, 2018

    I look forward to hearing your bumper!! We can always have more than three if anyone else is interested in creating one. I saw this post while I was in the middle of working on the script for the intro and I’m getting excited!